Zal & Simorgh

Animation - 1977


Retell  2015 - 2016

Zal & Simorgh ( زال و سیمرغ )

Zalo Simorgh is an epic from shahnameh. Zal is an albino new-born child. Sam as his father (The King) who has nev-er seen an albino child, gets worried and his fear of gossip of people flares his angle and he ordered that the new-born be left under the Alborz Mountain. Simorgh the mythical bird finding the naked and hungry baby and takes little Zal to its nest and looks after him until one day …


Script: Ali Akbar Sadeghi, Ebrahim Forouzesh based on a story by M. Azad

 Director: Ali Akbar Sadeghi

Director’s Assistant: Mehrdad Naeimian

Animators: Maryam sadeghi – Hayedeh Hariri – Soussan Haghighi – Ali Pour Gharaei

Cinematography: Mohammad Feyjani

Sound: Mohamad Haghighi

Edit: Mohammad Feyjani, Mehdi Samakar

Music: Majid Entezami

Narration: Manouchehr Esmaili

Production of Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults


Vitray  1950 - 1970

  Copyright 2015 Ali Akbar Sadeghi All rights reserved