Made in 1975, this animated short film is based on a story from Iranian folklore,. A prince fall in love with beautiful girl the moment he sees her picture, he travels to seven cities in order to find her, encountering various character along the way.


Malek Khorshid (The Sun King in English) is a 1975 animated film by Ali Akbar Sadeghi. Based loosely on a tale from The Shahnameh, it follows a wealthy king who has everything a man could possibly want, except for love. One day, while exploring his palace, he discovers a painting of a beautiful woman with a blue rose, and becomes smitten. He goes on a journey in search of her, following where the blue roses take him...


"Among ...Sadeghi's most iconic projects during his time at Kanoon was Malek ol-Khorshid (King of the Sun, 1975), a magical animation inspired by the tenth-century Persian epic The Shahnameh (The Book of Kings)."


1977 Honorary Diploma, Festival International de Court Metrage pour la Juenesse, Paris


Directed by

Ali Akbar Sadeghi

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

Ahmad Reza Ahmadi

Ali Akbar Sadeghi

Parviz Davayi

Music by

Dariush Dolatshahi

Cinematography by

Mohammad Feyjani

Mehdi Samakar

Animation Department

Ali Akbar Sadeghi

Production Companies:

The Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults


The Sun King

Animation - 1975


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