Sadeghi started making this film on 1970 when he had no idea of how to make an animation. He started to research and read about animation and film directing hence Seven Cities might look the most naive of his films.


Premiered in 1971, the film tells the story of an aged warrior, who travels numerous eras and places in form of different cities in search of love. Love according to Persian mystic poets has seven stages and in the seventh city the lover will find an insight to love. The warrior reaches the seventh city but find it gloomy and obscure. He sits in the city’s main square and tells the story of his travel through the other cities where nature, primi-tive rituals, religion and industry influences the life of human race. The film reflects the complicated stage of Iran when economical efflorescence had caused a mystic depression.


Sadeghi’s effort of using elements and styles of Persian painting is spectacular though it is influenced by the psychedelic art movement of the time, aesthetically.


Script: Firouz Shirvanlou

Verses: Azad

Director: Ali Akbar sadeghi

Director’s Assistant: Parviz Naderi

Animators: Rafiei – Hariri – Asbaghi – Jalayer cinematography: Mohamad Feyjani

Sound: Harayer Atashkar

Narration: Ahmad Shamlou

Music: Sheida Gharachedaghi

 Production of Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults


Seven Cities

Animation - 1971


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