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Ashegh-Nameh (The Love Story) is a limited edition book, covers 10 of Ali Akbar Sadeghi’s intricate ink paintings. The Idea behind the book is to bold the hidden love stories embedded in Ali Akbar mythical stories and create a new chain of speculation.


Each detail painting comes with a cut out silhouette pointing out particular motif or character which has splendid connection with the element of the next page painting. There is a poetic sentence labeling each painting thus all together finish up a story that has been the core of the editor (Ali Bakhtiari) intention.


 Each page printed in high quality silk print with gold silhouette on acetate paper and laminated gold lead of wooden box. On the cover of each volume there is a live work of Ali Akbar Sadeghi in different form of calligraphy drawn and signed by himself.


If you are interested to know more about the book and have a copy please send an email to: with subject email (asheghnameh).



Whisper Vol-02


Whisper Vol-01

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