Centre for the Intellectual Development of Children and the Youth, 1970 - 1978, Tehran, Iran




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A founding member of Kanoon, Sadeghi is most famous for his mixture of traditional miniature style with the surreal. Films produced by Sadeghi have won more than 40 awards at International Film Festivals. Also, for his book illustrations he has won 12 international awards.


Before there was an Iranian New Wave, there was Kanoon. Founded in 1965, the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults--mostly referred to as Kanoon, an abbreviation of the Farsi name--produced books, audiotapes, and films, both animated and live action, for Iranian children from Tehran to Bushehr, Sistan, and Baluchistan.. Prior to Kanoon's founding, most children's books in the country were translations of Western classics.


The history of Kanoon is equally entwined with many of Iran's most epic late-twentieth century stories. Kanoon would become a sort of incubator for some of the country's most celebrated artists. The painter Ali Akbar Sadeghi, who is best known for pioneering a style that mixed traditional Persian coffeehouse painting and the surreal.


With the establishment of the film department and the launch of the Tehran festival, Kanoon started to grow rapidly Later, that very collection would be the fuel for the post-revolutionary media to broadcast un-American films with educational and cultural values far removed from ostensibly Western or capitalist ideas. As Ali Akbar Sadeghi States; Kanoon “our golden age” We won many prizes from all over the world.



Seven Cities ( 1971 )

Flower Storm ( 1972 )

Boasting ( 1973 )

The Rook ( 1974 )

The Sun King ( 1975 )

Zal & Simorgh ( 1977 )

Animations  1971 - 1977

Vitray  1950 - 1970

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